Our Fees

Membership Fee:

An annual membership fee of $30 is charged to every family when they enroll or re-enroll at the centre each year.

If a family first enrols in Term 3, the membership fee will only be charged at $15.

If a family first enrols in Term 4, the $30 membership fee will rollover to the following year.

2024 Sessions Costs 

 Session Type   Morning (per child)  Afternoon (per child)
 Permanent Booking  $13  $24.50
 Casual Booking  $18  $29.50


Vacation Care

The Membership fee must be paid, and families must have no Outstanding fees to be able to make any Vacation Care bookings.  The base rate for a Vacation Care day is $70, any additional cost for a programmed day are added to this amount up to a maximum of $120.

Direct Debit via Debit Success:

Fees are to be paid weekly and one week in arrears. 

Fees are payable by Direct Debit only using Debit Success. 

Fees are to be paid for the days your child/ren are booked into the centre, including times when your child/ren is absent due to unforeseen illness or any other activity ie: family holidays etc.

An updated statement of fees will be sent automatically every week via email. Families may request an updated statement anytime.

Any families wishing to enrol or re-enrol will be required to be registered for direct debit/credit for payment of Fees before enrolment/re-enrolment can be completed.

Families can change their direct debit/credit account at any time by updating their details in their My Family Lounge Phone App.

The WRBASC Centre does not accept cash or cheques for payment of Fees.


You should receive a statement once a week. Your statement details your usage at the centre, and your total amount owing – which will include any missed payments from before the current period.


Non – Notification:

  • A non-notification will occur when the Centre is not notified of a child’s absence from the service by;
  • 8:45 am for a Before School Care session 3:00 pm for an After School Care session 8:30 am for a Vacation Care Excursion 11:00 am for any other Vacation Care day
  • A non-notification warning will be issued for the first 3 occurrences of the calendar year. All further occurrences during the calendar year will incur a $15 non-notification fee.

Not Signed In / Out:

  • Parents must sign their children in to Before Care and Vacation Care.
  • Parents must sign their children out of After Care and Vacation Care.
  • Failure to do so will incur a $15 “Not signed in/out” fee.

Late pick-up:

The Centre closes at 6.00 pm. A late pick up fee will be applied any time a child is collected after 6:00 pm. The fee is calculated as; after 6.00 pm a $20 fee for the first 10 minutes and an additional $10 for every 5 minutes or part thereof.

If a child is not collected by 6:30 pm and no contact can be made with parents or emergency contacts, then staff members are to place the child under the supervision of a carer organised by the Supervisor. This may be a staff member of the Department of Family and Community Services, or the Police, or a member of the Management Committee.

Use of Incorrect Sign in Credentials:

Every parent and authorised nominee receive a unique username. This unique username must be used only by the person it is linked to. Any occurrence of incorrect credentials being used will incur a $15 fee.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Families attending West Ryde BASC can claim the Childcare Subsidy (CCS) if they are eligible.   Please ensure you provide the below information when you enrol (or shortly after) so WRBASC can create an enrolment with Centrelink:

  1. Guardian registered to receive CCS
  2. This person’s CRN
  3. This person’s DOB
  4. Each child’s CRN
  5. Each child’s DOB

To find out more about the Childcare Subsidy (CCS), please refer to the FAQ's Page.